Buying an Automobile: How to Get the Best Deal

Buying an Automobile: How to Get the Best Deal

Don't Overlook These Factors When Choosing a Used Car

Edna Chapman

When buying a used car, of course you'll give it a good inspection to note its overall condition and take it for a test drive just to get an idea of its handling. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing 'new' used cars, not just what they look like under the hood or how they feel when being driven. You'll want to consider all these important factors when making your purchasing decision, so note a few of them here before you go shopping.

Resale value

Always note the potential resale value of any make or model of car you're considering. This will tell you how much money you might get back from the car when you're ready to resell it, and it can also tell you about the overall longevity of that car. Cars that have a higher resale value are typically known to last longer, require fewer major repairs and have fewer expected breakdowns. Even if you're not overly concerned about the money you would get from the car when you're ready to resell it, a higher resale value can mean that you'll have fewer problems with the car as long as you own it.

Vehicle history report

Checking under the hood of the vehicle yourself probably won't tell you if that vehicle has been in a serious accident and then repaired (unless you're an auto expert yourself). While some minor accident repairs may not affect the overall longevity and durability of the vehicle, if the vehicle has been in a flood or major collision or suffered a fire or other such catastrophe, this can affect its overall lifespan and how it drives. A vehicle history report will reveal if such major repairs were done to the vehicle and can tell you if you need to have it professionally inspected for serious damage to the framework and other major components.


Insurance on used cars may not be as cheap as you assume, especially if a particular car is often stolen or if its replacement parts are very expensive. These issues can mean more expensive repairs after a collision or vandalism. Your insurance for a sports car may also be more expensive, as a sports car may mean the temptation to speed, which may increase your risk of an accident. Whatever the case, be sure you price your insurance costs for any make or model you're considering purchasing.


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Buying an Automobile: How to Get the Best Deal

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